The advantages of Choosing to Lease a New Mercedes A-Class

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is an affordable mini MPV car which is the entry level vehicle for the Mercedes range. The German car maker Mercedes-Benz has been manufacturing the A-Class car since 1997 when the first generation model was released. A second generation model of the car came out late on in the year 2004 and a brand new model with substantial design changes was unveiled in 2011 to go on sale for the first time in September 2012. Two different body type versions of this car have been available done the years – a five-door hatchback and a downsized but higher performance three-door version. The latest 2012 model of the car will initially be sold just as a five-door hatchback car, but the German firm have assured customers that the three-door model is on its way and will most likely go on sale within a year.

If you are a fan of the prestigious Mercedes-Benz brand name and you have taken a fancy to the A-Class car and would like to drive one yourself then you may now find yourself in a position of choosing how you are going to pay for it. Should you choose to go for a lease, or take out a loan to buy the car?

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with taking the lease option. One distinct advantage of choosing a lease that is particularly relevant to the Mercedes A-Class is the fact that you do not need to worry too much about maintenance and reliability. Although most Mercedes-Benz cars have a high build quality, the A-Class has often been criticised as been much lower quality when it comes to mechanical reliability. When you take out a lease then you should not need to worry about expensive repairs if your car does break down or suffer from problems, as this is usually taken care of for you. If there is a problem then you just hand back your vehicle to get repaired.

You will also find that the monthly costs for leasing are lower than they would be for buying a car through a loan agreement, which is a big advantage for many people.

But of course there are also disadvantages associated with going down this route. You will have to stick within a certain mileage specified in your agreement – so you may not be able to feel free to take long trips whenever you feel like it, and at the end of the contract you will have to hand back your car and so will not be able to sell it to get money to put towards your next car.