Mercedes A-Class Review

The second generation of the Mercedes A-Class is a more accomplished and refined vehicle. Mercedes has successfully addressed many of the concerns of the first generation. Some buyers who still remember the first generation may still remember the numerous faults that plagued the car but will be making a big mistake if they base their opinion of the second generation solely on their experience with past models.

The new A-Class looks very similar to the original A-Class. Some changes have been made to the car’s build and has given the car a much improved feel. The A-Class can boast improved space and improved passenger comfort but the car’s looks have not improved which is a shame because it wasn’t very attractive to begin with. The Mercedes badge helps to sell this otherwise plain car.

The car provides better interior space while remaining a small car. Rear passengers have adequate legroom and boot space is good for a car of this size. Thanks to Mercedes' new internal operating system load capacity can now reach a maximum of 1,955 litres. Rear seats fold flat, or can be removed completely to increase cargo carrying capacity.

The A-Class provides an easy cushy ride and the car’s ability to take it nice and easy will appeal to many buyers. The optional CVT gearbox operates with exceptional smoothness. However, at motorway speeds it feels a little sluggish-until sports mode is activated.

The Class-A like most Mercedes models does not enjoy a high level of specification. The vehicles materials are of high quality though, and the car will enjoy a high resale value. The car’s gearbox tends to make it thirsty and it doesn’t enjoy the greatest fuel economy.


The car comes with a high asking price with very little room for negotiations. Mercedes Benz have some of the highest residual values in the UK market. The A-Class provides really good cabin space with a 60:40 split rear seat both the seat cushions and backrests can be folded forward to produce a completely level loading area and increasing cargo space.

The cars controls and dials are all logically placed with a quality feel. They aren’t too complicated and are simple yet functional. The standard level of quality is high and lives up to the classy Mercedes image.

The A-Class is a small car but still delivers a comfortable and smooth ride. The quality of cabin materials is high and gives the cabin a luxury feel.The comfort level in the A-Class is so high that it is easy to forget thet you are riding in such a small car.

The A-Class is easily accessible. The doors open wide and the seats are high enough that passengers can slide into the seats without any problems. The car’s boot opens wide as well  and accessibility shouldn’t be a concern.

The car is easy enough to park thanks to the car’s high seating position that provides good all-round visibility. The car is also easy to steer at low speeds and makes maneuvering into a parking space a breeze.

Life Style

The A-Class is not likely to get an enthusiastic driver excited. The car was not designed for speed, but delivers a comfortable and stylish ride. Acceleration can feel sluggish when fitted with a gear box, but feels better in manual versions.

The A-Class could be used by a small family as the primary car. It would perform basic family duties, but would not be suitable for a larger family with older kids.

This would make a practical first car for those who could afford it. The car is easy to drive and provides all the practicality of a city car. New drivers would find it easy to drive and would probably be attracted to the car because of its badge even if it weren’t practical.

The new A-Class has much to offer buyers. It has even managed to draw new buyers to the Mercedes brand. The car has been vastly improved over past generations, and is likely to enhance Mercedes’ image with younger buyers.

Security and Safety

Mercedes have always caught the attention of car thieves, so the company provides a good standard security package. Each car comes with a security alarm system, an engine immobiliser and interior protection, including remote central locking. An after market tracking device may be a good idea as well.

The car comes equipped with standard front airbags, seat belt pre-tensioners for the front and outer rear seats. The vehicle also comes with a state of the art ESP system.

The Finishing Touches

The vehicle comes with a single-slot radio/CD player, but there are many opportunities for upgrades if the buyer can afford them. Options include a Harman Kardon hi-fi surround sound system with 10 speakers and an additional amplifier. The COMAND system links together telephone, radio, CD player and DVD based satellite navigation, via a full colour screen. A Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is available using real time traffic reports.

Like most other Mercedes this car looks best in silver or black exterior colors. The cabin quality is good and resembles the interior of a higher class of car.


The A-Class is not the most stylish vehicle or the most exciting to drive, but it has been vastly improved over previous generations. The car seems to be a little expensive, but does offer a high level of practicality and sports the Mercedes’ badge.